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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing an important aspect for marketing your business. Creating a unique logo and slogan will stay in the consumer's mind and bring them back when they need your products or services.

A brand is not a logo, it is the "wow" factor the consumer feels when they see your logo or think about your company. It stands for something and validates you and depending on how you package your business will determine how the consumer translates the message you are trying to convey.

The image to the left shows multiple marketing pieces; from your website, the illuminated sign on your building, to business cards, bottle labels, rack cards and more. Every marketing item your business puts out should include your logo, colors and slogan.

With the market more competitive your business really needs that edge to stand out in a crowd. Your brand should communicate what you do in a clear, effective way that is consistent on all marketing outlets. Contact us for marketing ideas, logo designs, brand marketing, and other marketing strategies to increase your profits!

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos can be placed on your website, on a maps page, on your social network, as well as your own personal or business channel with YouTube.

Promotional videos have taken a giant leap forward as Youtube is now the #2 search engine in the world.

Using videos for conversion is a great idea, however they need to be good videos, interesting to watch. You have to know your audience to produce something they will enjoy, decide which style will best represent the message you are trying to convey, invest in a high-quality HD video, plan in advance how it will be scripted and the location it will be filmed.

Video Branding

  • Videos increase the time consumers spend on your site.

  • Consumers watch more than 11 hours per month.

  • 60% of people online prefer videos over reading.

  • More online consumers respond to video than text.

  • Nearly 75% of the online retailers sites have videos.

  • Think about making videos part of your online marketing.