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Site Management

Offering Site Management

By offering site management, we provide support for your online needs, which gives more time to run your business. When you have a website to provide information for your products or services, maintenance and marketing may be required.

Site management is time consuming and detail oriented. We keep up with technical changes of the Internet, monitor host servers, implement new marketing ideas and understand confidentiality.

Information is Power and now you can have the strategic data you need to maximize your profits with Analytics. Measure, manage and analyze your website’s performance to maximize its effectiveness. We will provide your monthly market reports with profound insights into your customer’s preferences and the public's Internet search trends.

According to the Harvard Business Review, 90% of successful businesses track advertising in order to calculate how their marketing money is spent.

Website Manager

Every day you get 86,400 seconds, how do you spend your time?

Many of us are busy running our businesses and raising a family, time is very precious which there never seems to be enough of in this ever changing world we live in. Below are several services we offer, however there are many more, depending on the client's needs. Ask about email marketing to your customer base with live links to your website, the BBB, social networks and more!

  • Update the content of your web pages
  • Maintain your host server account
  • Register and renew domain names
  • Setup and/or forward email accounts
  • Setup and monitor merchant accounts
  • Track and analyze your traffic statistics
  • Update event calendars & slideshows
  • Website management services