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Google Reviews for Business

Google Business Reviews

Bring more traffic to your website using Google Reviews for Business on your Google Maps page. If your business has a Maps page and you have not claimed it, we will do that for you. Google My Business has many products to bring the public to you.

Having a website is the first step and then you can utilize the platforms that the major search engines provide, which increases your website’s visibility. Online marketing is a fraction of the cost of marketing in traditional magazines, phone books, directories, or newspapers and has the potential to bring visitors to your website day and night.

If you have a business or are a professional, you need to discover the power of the Internet. The world will give you exactly what you are willing to accept, are you willing to accept so little and pay so much?

Successful entrepreneurs started with an idea, a vision, and the courage to take that step of faith and make it a reality, so let's market that reality.

5 Star Reviews

Monthly marketing of your Google Maps brings more traffic than social networks

More than 90% of people who search for products and services online will read reviews before making a decision. Every week we post an image and message of what you are trying to promote, and link to your website. We analyze the monthly reports; how many people looked at your website, asked for directions, or called your number. We can see which days you receive the most phones calls and this in turn helps you schedule your employees.


You want your reviews to reflect your company in a positive light, so what happens with the negative reviews?

There are times when you may receive a negative review, we will discuss with you if you know the person and if it's legit. Leaving a diplomatic reply usually softens their view.
As a business owner, negative reviews give you a head's up of what you can change to increase your profits.

Google reviews for business may also be left by a competitor; however, Google has policies in place to remove the fake content.

What Google considers a violation and will remove:

  • -Spam and fake content
  • -Many negative reviews from one person
  • -Inappropriate content, profanity and racial terms
  • -Fraudulent reviews from competitors
  • -Oops! Wrong business
  • -Leaving reviews at locations they didn’t visit
  • -Reviews from current or former employees
  • -Reviews that aren’t relevant to an actual experience
  • -Inappropriate Images


Understanding how this platform works, we check Google My Business daily for reviews and technical messages and we know how to flag inappropriate reviews and have them removed. Google My Business is on speed dial at Timeline Web Design!